We're expanding our team!

We're looking for a graphic designer to join our team here at Bowens Enterprise.

Want to join our team? Review this job description and apply.

Position Overview


We are a marketing and graphic design agency focused on delivering products and services that assist clients in reaching their goals and dreams.


We are looking for a Graphic Designer to join our team.


This is a part-time role that reports to our Executive Assistant. This is a remote, work-from-home role that requires availability

between the hours of 9am and 4pm Central Time. 


Our Values


Integrity: The nature of our work means that we handle some sensitive data for our clients. We value honesty above all else as it is vital to our success. If a client isn’t a good fit, we tell them so. When mistakes happen, we take responsibility and work hard to make things right.


Passion: We LOVE what we do. We love creating and playing with the next designing trends. We love our clients. We love our members and we’re genuinely excited to help them succeed. The only reason we exist is because of them and we are so grateful for that. 


Communication: Life happens. We understand that. Because our team is virtual and worldwide, we expect an extremely high level of communication so that our business can run smoothly. 


Excellence: We go above and beyond for our clients and members. We believe in striving for 110%. Delivering an amazing service is the key to continuing to grow our business. 


Friendliness: We love showing up to work with a positive outlook and compassion for our team, our clients, and our members. 


Your Responsibilities May Include: 

As a Graphic Designer, you will be responsible for producing the jpg files for projects provided to you by the Executive Assistant

in a timely manner. As well as, making any updates/corrections for multiple clients and projects.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Communicating with Executive Assistant

  • Producing Photoshop graphics

  • Managing multiple client accounts 

  • Responding to emails

  • Being on team calls and client calls

  • Editing project graphics



  • High level of attention to detail

  • Ability to self-motivate to complete tasks

  • A work environment including

    • A computer

    • Cell phone

    • Internet 

    • Photoshop

  • Photoshop and graphic design experience is a MUST! 


This role is for you if:

  • You care about the work that you do.

  • You are a self-starter who does not require micromanagement.

  • You embrace technology with open arms and get excited about learning new systems and ways of doing things.

  • Google is your best friend.

  • You have the ability to juggle multiple tasks and competing priorities while delivering quality and timely content.

  • You have exceptional communication skills.

  • You’re hyper-focused on getting the details right.


Please don’t apply if:

  • You’re working to build your own business. (You can have a side hustle but THIS is your main hustle.)

  • You can’t work alone and need to be told what to do when there is “down time”

  • You cannot complete tasks quickly (sometimes with a 24 hour turnaround time)

  • You have limited availability

  • You can’t handle regular and detailed feedback

  • You have a lot of things going on

  • You have a tendency to procrastinate

  • You’re not available during Central Time business hours.


Why work with us

  • We’re a growing marketing and graphic designer agency that loves fresh ideas and innovation.

  • You’re interested in learning new skills and you want to stretch professionally.

  • You can work from anywhere and can enjoy a flexible schedule. As long as the work gets done, you’re free to do it wherever you please.

  • We value good communication, self-reliance, and authenticity. 

  • We work hard during working hours and respect time off. 



If you’ve read through this description and you think this may be the right fit for you - now it’s time to take action and apply!


Application Instructions

If you’d like to be considered for this role, complete the below instructions by November 30, 2020. Keep in mind that we’re looking to hire for this role ASAP and will close applications as soon as we find the right fit. 


Step #1: Send an email to (not .com) with:

Full Name

Resume/equivalent of work 

Website Link if applicable

Write 2-3 sentences for why you want to work with us

Your available start date

Anything else you need us to know


Step #2: Wait for us to contact you. We’ll likely receive too many applications to respond to each one individually. If you’re a good fit, we’ll reach out to you.


Good luck!